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Top 20 Host in Western Canada

Work with a Leading Calgary Short Term Rental Management Company

Welcome to KYAN Properties, your trusted partner in short-term rental management. With a proud reputation as one of the Top 20 Hosts in Western Canada, we offer dedicated property management services tailored to property owners and anyone seeking to maximize the potential of their short-term rental properties in Calgary.

Curious about a free revenue projection for your property?

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We Optimize and Manage Your Rental Property For You

As a property owner, your investment deserves the utmost care and attention. At KYAN Properties, we understand the unique needs of property owners in Calgary. Our commitment is to manage your property rental seamlessly, providing a stress-free experience and optimizing your returns. Whether you are a hands-on property manager or a property owner looking for professional management services, our team is here to assist you.

Our Dedicated Property Management Services In Calgary


Property Assessment

Are you a property owner curious about how your property will perform as a short-term rental? We offer a complimentary property assessment to provide valuable insights into potential revenue. Our experienced team thoroughly analyzes market trends and property-specific factors to deliver an accurate projection tailored to your unique situation.



Effective marketing is crucial for property owners and managers in attracting the right guests. Our strategic approach ensures your property is listed and promoted across various platforms to maximize visibility and bookings. We employ advanced marketing techniques to reach your target audience, creating a compelling presence that sets your property apart in Calgary's Short-term rental market.



Collaborate with our in-house interior designer to enhance your space and transform it into a top-performing short-term rental. Our furnishing services are designed to elevate the appeal of your property, attracting discerning guests and improving overall guest satisfaction.



Security is paramount for property owners alike. We understand the importance of safeguarding your investment and ensuring the well-being of your guests. Our team implements various security features to secure your property, providing peace of mind for owners and managers alike.



Our cleaning services, performed by a professional cleaning crew, are a valuable asset for property owners focused on maintaining high standards of cleanliness. Our meticulous approach ensures that your property is consistently presented in pristine condition, enhancing the overall guest experience.



Kyan Properties

We started KYAN Properties in hopes of helping homeowners get the most out of their rental properties. Fast forward; we are currently positioned as a top 50 host in Western Canada.


Our portfolio spans North America, and we are confident in our ability to help create top-performing short-term rental properties. We have extensively analyzed the real estate market and found an alternative method to traditional rental properties. Through short-term rental platforms, dedicated hospitality services, and in-depth knowledge of back-end software, we can help owners maximize profit on their properties!


Our goal is to help you become entirely hands-off while maintaining the integrity of your property and gaining more profit than owners would see through renting. Book your consultation with us today!

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Tailored Solutions for Property Owners and Managers

Our pricing plans are designed to benefit property owners and property managers, offering a straightforward business model that generates higher annual returns. If you're an experienced property owner seeking a reliable partner, our flexible contracts provide peace of mind throughout our collaboration.


Receive a free projections and see how your property will perform as a short term rental!


Clients will see higher annual rental income and engage in truly passive income!


Flexible contract that allows clients the peace of mind when working with us!

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KYAN Properties was able to bring in far more profits on my rental property than I was able to through traditional renting. They handle every aspect of the process and have been a joy to work with. I would strongly encourage all investors or home owners to give them a look!

Alby Iamartino

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